Vocational school

For young people to learn a trade so they can be self-sufficient in the future.

The course takes 2 years. Besides general subjects (like languages, mathematics, hygiene and accountancy), there are three study options: sewing, cooking/running a household and, in the near future, carpentry.

Students learn how to grow their own vegetables, how to breed rabbits and, in the canteen, the students work in the bakery. This is how they learn how to run a shop/business/studio. The vocational school has its own grounds to make this possible.
They have their own cow (and sometimes a calf) which contributes milk and manure to the school! At the moment, there are 34 students, divided into 2 classes.
In the near future the carpentry course will start with use of their own workshop/studio within the school. There were many requests to start the carpentry course. There are many young people who have finished high school but have not been able to continue studying. They are often unemployed. With this course, these young people will not only learn how to do woodwork, but also masonry and welding, so they can find a job.