Nursery (year 1 and 2)

Umumbano Centre is being used as a nursery, a training centre for literacy courses, and for other social-cultural activities in Kirinda.


Two dedicated nursery teachers enthusiastically encourage the children to play, sing and learn. The children wear a school uniform, which was requested by the parents. The uniform is sewn by the students at the vocational school. The number of children has risen: group 1: 27 children (from 3-4 year), group 2: 36 children (5-6 year).
People still want to attend the literacy course. There are two classes, in total 32 students, between the age of 18-70. After the course the students will receive a certificate issued by the government.
After school hours the centre is used as a library. People can read the paper, borrow books and watch television three times a week. The most popular television programme is football.